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Coming soon - 3d prints on a budget

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I am just now getting into 3d printing and once I am up and running, I will print member-requested items at my cost + shipping.  I will begin doing this in late August, early September. 

Once I get my setup fine-tuned, I will be taking orders.  I will also provide a modestly priced design fee for folks who know they need something but there is no ready-made 3d design already out there. 

All costs will be estimates as the final cost will be based on the item weight of the print, so it will vary accordingly.

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That's such an interesting idea, many thanks Vincent.

If you don't mind me asking... where in the world would you be posting from? I'm just trying to figure out what the shipping cost to the UK might be...

Thank you.


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Hi Vincent ciao Alberto!

Not meaning to hijack the thread but if any UK builders want 3D printing I can help too! 

I'm currently running a FLSUN QQS delta and a Bambulabs P1 corexy, so I can print tall stuff on the delta if necessary or exceptionally good stuff on the Bambu!

I was thinking of printing the pen-plotter parts if anyone is interested in having a go at building one - most the bugs ironed out of the design!

Bests KZ


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That's great.  We can have one place for anyone who needs a part and they can choose the closest one to them.  I am actually still standing up my setup, so I may not be offering prints in September.  I have been making the table and enclosure for the printer and that's been taking some time.  I will post again when I am actually ready to print.



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On 7/9/2023 at 11:14 PM, Vincent Mitchell said:

Yeah I think the U.S. will be my only takers.  Postage from the U.S. to any other country is a lot.

Yup and then there's the customs bribe payment too... 

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Well I am not there yet, but tomorrow my printer enclosure will be completed.  It took a minute to put together as it's a custom build and I had to engineer some of the parts, which would have been easier to produce had I had a 3d printer to manufacture them.  That irony is not lost on me. When I get a minute I'll take some pictures.  I think I am about 2-weeks from taking anyone's request to print.  Sorry for the delay. 🙂


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