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    This module... takes +-5.25 v and using the TL431 regulators gives the ability to set both +- to exactly the same voltage.. this project is shown in... Home >Electronics Discussions >General Electronics >TL431 Voltage regulator. not on a pcb but strip board. output 100mA max, but by adding transistors it is possible to use more current...
  5. Version 1.0.0


    This zip file contains kiCad schematics and PCB design files for building an LM386 based amplifier circuit. To see an example of this amp circuit in use please see this post: All the components used in this circuit can be found here: https://www.digikey.com/short/zd39nz This is a modified version of the amplifier circuit that can be found here: https://ohmify.com/courses/music-amplifier/introduction/the-amplifier-circuit-diagram/
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    I have been using Node-RED to connect my electronics projects to Internet of Things hubs, communicate with Artificial Intelligence services such as Watson, etc. I have been amazed at how easy it is to drag and drop blocks and link them together to do really cool stuff - with almost no programming required. I noticed that there wasn't much on Ohmify about Node-RED, so I wrote a quick intro to inspire other members to try it out. If you have any questions about Node-RED, post them in the forum and send me a private message to ask me to respond.
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    I didn't include a BOM - all the values are printed on the board - C1 is marked as 0.1uF, if you want more bass response then a higher value cap - like a 1uF - would do the trick.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    My understanding of how the 555 timer works in monostable mode.
  9. What kind of Arduino I must buy there are many.

    1. Matthew


      Hi @Teeluck Darminder - I agree - so many to choose from. What are you looking to achieve with the Arduino? The Arduino UNO is a good starting point for learning and you can grow with it too. You can buy directly from Arduino's website here. There are lots of clones/ copies of the UNO that are lower cost but I have never purchased one before:


    2. Teeluck Darminder

      Teeluck Darminder

      In the training library there is a course about Anduino, so I ask where can I buy one, thank you very much for your advice .

    3. Matthew


      You are welcome - the UNO would be perfect for those courses in the Ohmify trainings library.

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