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  1. Yup and then there's the customs bribe payment too...
  2. Hi Vincent ciao Alberto! Not meaning to hijack the thread but if any UK builders want 3D printing I can help too! I'm currently running a FLSUN QQS delta and a Bambulabs P1 corexy, so I can print tall stuff on the delta if necessary or exceptionally good stuff on the Bambu! I was thinking of printing the pen-plotter parts if anyone is interested in having a go at building one - most the bugs ironed out of the design! Bests KZ
  3. KimZ


    Now I can't edit my original post .. not sure what I am doing wrong; no edit option. Anyway, update on HP bits as the disassembly to remove the faulty Li-Ion batteries was difficult, leaving the cases damaged, so freebie: 1) 15" LCD screen to fit HP 15-da0075na complete with hinges & cables 2) 4 GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM (1 x 4 GB) 3) 4GB SO-DIMM PC3L Bests, K
  4. KimZ


    Hi Lucky If you want your name on the laptop freebie then fine -check out the specs below and put your name down by replying saying "MINE"! I will wipe over the weekend and we can discuss further next week. You can collect (much preferred!) else paypal me the postage (when I've worked it out) and I'll send it to you. It is a Lenovo Flex 2-14 / 20404. - Intel I3 6g Ram and a small HD. Touchscreen no less!
  5. KimZ


    Hi fellow Ohmies! I would like to open this by offering a couple of ex-work laptops to any member that might need one. These are oldish machines that used to run Win10 with a struggle, but I will (sorry) have to wipe them before giving them away, so no os. Perhaps ideal candidates for Ubuntu or similar? I will post more info when I get home but at least one if not both are HP machines from memory, and as I said, capable of chugging through Win10, but definitely not Win11. Nottingham UK based. Bests, K
  6. Great stuff @Oyvind, thanks for giving this a whirl!
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