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  1. What kind of Arduino I must buy there are many.

    1. Matthew


      Hi @Teeluck Darminder - I agree - so many to choose from. What are you looking to achieve with the Arduino? The Arduino UNO is a good starting point for learning and you can grow with it too. You can buy directly from Arduino's website here. There are lots of clones/ copies of the UNO that are lower cost but I have never purchased one before:


    2. Teeluck Darminder

      Teeluck Darminder

      In the training library there is a course about Anduino, so I ask where can I buy one, thank you very much for your advice .

    3. Matthew


      You are welcome - the UNO would be perfect for those courses in the Ohmify trainings library.

  2. In training library I am studying on “choosing a resistor ”, the more I study it the more it becomes clear in my mind, Thank you, Oyvind I appreciate the way you explained that lesson.

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